The dpWrite Program emphasizes the process of writing through research. Each student will choose a topic of interest, research chosen topic and showcase their research through a capstone project. Through our process students demonstrate independent research, build strong content learning, delineate and evaluate arguments, use technology and digital media, analyze and summarize key details and present findings in diverse media formats.​ Our highly skilled staff help our students develop their skills in grammar, diction, usage, syntax and punctuation. In addition, our staff assist our students through the entire process which includes but limited to: choosing a topic, finding information, developing search techniques, writing and fine tuning their thesis/hypothesis statement, creating their outline, and writing their bibliography.





 dpWRITE  Delivering PromiseWriting Academy 




The DP Homework Assistance Program assists our students with homework assignments throughout the school year. Our highly trained staff provides help with all subjects, all subject matter at all grade levels. We provide both onsite and remote support as needed as well as the assistance to ensure your child completes their homework entirely and correctly. In addition, our staff completes and updates our specially designed homework logs to track each child’s homework progress. Our number one goal is to ensure that all of students learn the subject matter and become lifelong learners.





 DP HOMEWORK ASSISTANCE Delivering PromiseScholarship Program  




Our Test Prep Academy focuses on giving our kids the skills necessary to score in the 90th percentile on all state issued tests and >1200 on all college entrance exams. Our instructors use tried and tested techniques as well as the district provided Compass Learning System that makes it easier for our instructors to identify current proficiency levels, pinpoint skill and concept gaps, and differentiate personalized instruction that reinforces knowledge and skills.





 dpTP  Delivering PromiseTest Prep Academy 




The DP After School Program is designed to equip our youth with the skills needed to succeed in school and life. Our main goal is to prepare all of our partner school children for post graduate life. Our staff provides academic support through homework assistance, tutoring, mentoring and building upon summer enrichment endeavors provided through the various DP summer academies. In addition, our staff provides assistance to our partner schools to help their students meet state standards in reading/language arts, mathematics, history and social studies, and science. Our program provides our participants with hands on experiences with mentors that not only currently are in college but also live in and come from the local area. In addition, our program employs a single set of quality standards, monitors and tracks our participant’s progress, partners diligently with our partner schools to ensure our students never fall behind, and ensures that all activities and academic studies are both age and grade appropriate. Participation in our After School Program will yield the following results:

  • Higher school attendance
  • Lower suspension rates
  • Higher self esteem
  • Higher graduation rates






 DP AFTER SCHOOL Delivering Promise Internship Program  




The DP Summer Academy is an academically challenging program that emphasizes inquiry-based learning, project based output, fun, creativity, and critical thinking. Our program shapes our children by providing critical academic, social and emotional support. During our program, our students will spend their mornings actively interacting with our staff honing their reading, writing, arithmetic, research and critical thinking skills. In addition, our students will spend their afternoons honing their creative and athletic skills through participating in one of our many extra-curricular offerings. All of our instructional and extra-curricular offerings are led by our exceptionally trained staff.


Attendance in our programs produces the following results:

    • Gain in reading and math proficiency
  • Higher state test scores
  • Lower suspension rate
  • Greater ability to apply process skills used in individual fields of inquiry and approaches to problem solving
  • Higher graduation rate





 DP SUMMER ACADEMY  Delivering PromiseSummer Academy 




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